Color Correction: Fluorescent light

Luke Lachmann, a senior at the University of Missouri, enjoys his job at Jimmy Johns. He greets customers with a friendly “hey what’s up” as if he has known them for years.

*This picture was shot in RAW then color corrected for fluorescent light, with an ISO of 400, f5.6, and shutter speed of 1/25s.


Bounce Flash

Chris Ruck, 22, of Moonlit Bombshell, gets in some last minute practice as he waits for his band’s turn to play at the Blue Fugue.


Flash Assignment, Take 1: Direct Flash

Drea was right...I hate my pictures for this assignment! But it was fun popping my flash in people's faces :)

John Randall, 22, of the Hoot n’Hollers gets the crowd pumped up at the Blue Fugue on Monday March 10, 2008. He is a senior at Mizzou and him and fellow band member Andy Rehm (not pictured) are both from the St. Louis area. Behind Randall in this photo is a member of another group there for open mic night, that got on stage and played the harmonica.

*This picture was taken with my wb set to daylight, an ISO of 100, at f8, with a shutter speed of 1/125s. My flash was attached to my camera with a cord and I was holding it with my left hand.


Metal and Glass

I taped two wires under this model car where the exhaust pipes are, put rubber cement on it and lit it on fire. It was hanging vertically from a stand with fishing wire.

I was having difficulty trying to get the fishing wire to not show up in the picture. This is the same picture as above but I cloned the background and photoshopped the fishing wire out of the picture.