The Guilfoyle Family

What an absolutely small world it is! Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my high school photography teacher and his family. It turns out his wife is good friends with my sister-in-law and my name was passed along to them :) This was really neat for me because honestly during my photo classes in high school is when I realized this was what I wanted to do for a living and I decided to go to Mizzou's journalism school and study photojournalism. Anyways, it was so wonderful to meet his sweet family. Cole is the cutest little guy with big blue eyes! He was ready to explore the park, so that's what we did. We'd take a few pictures and then move on to new scenery. Enjoy this cute little family's session!  photo gblog5_zps3051ea92.jpg  photo gblog7_zps69088372.jpg  photo gblog8_zpse8698016.jpg  photo gblog3_zpsab8d39be.jpg  photo gblog2_zps1f9f6d75.jpg  photo gblog4_zps09731a18.jpg  photo gblogcollage2_zpsf2db740e.jpg  photo gblog11_zps20deccaa.jpg  photo gblog12_zps4bdbc565.jpg  photo gblog10_zps905408bc.jpg  photo gblog13_zps3dd14d14.jpg  photo gblog14_zpsb9f6ad17.jpg  photo gblogcollage1_zpsa6f25d4f.jpg  photo gblog1_zps6e407f3d.jpg  photo gblog9_zps8b16d60f.jpg


Sara and Richard: Engagement

Get ready to smile because these two and their little dog Max are the cutest!! I met Sara awhile back when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding that I photographed. I was so happy she thought of me when she got engaged and I can't wait to photograph her wedding next year! I've been looking forward to this session because every time Sara emailed me, she was so excited about pictures and I could tell this was really important to them. Then, unfortunately the first day we had scheduled for the session got rained out. We were both pretty bummed. Luckily we were able to find something that worked just a couple weeks later and we had a beautiful fall day. Enjoy this sweet couple and their super cute dog that reminds me of my little Harley :)  photo srblog5_zps1b5bd63d.jpg  photo srblog4_zps4090b0c7.jpg  photo srblog3_zps544fdb8a.jpg  photo srblog1_zpsf7ee48e1.jpg  photo srblog2_zpsde0e9fa1.jpg  photo srblog11_zps27f18215.jpg  photo srblog10_zps941d5267.jpg  photo srblog9_zps1e56a54b.jpg  photo srcollageblog1_zpse1c6c6db.jpg  photo srblog8_zpsea56804e.jpg  photo srblog13_zpsc7ca1dc0.jpg  photo srblog7_zpsbd124bf3.jpg  photo srblog6_zps14137bbc.jpg


Kosta and Joseph

Last week I got to photograph these two little boys again!! These guys are full of energy and personality. Now that Joseph is walking (running!), I'm sure their parents have their hands full, but in a good way :) You can tell by the family images how much they love these two boys. We did some sitting posed ones but then let the boys run wild and just have a good time at the end. Enjoy!  photo kfamblog13_zps33a047ac.jpg  photo kfamblog11_zps71d51b11.jpg  photo kfamblog12_zpsdda87e00.jpg  photo kfamblog2_zps39b7781e.jpg  photo kfamblog1_zpse1fa1ae9.jpg  photo kfamblog8_zps1d07f3d5.jpg  photo kfamblog9_zpsdcf101d7.jpg  photo kfamblog10_zpsa7c7d617.jpg  photo kfamblog7_zpsaaa2cfa4.jpg  photo kfamblog6_zpsfda3660d.jpg  photo kfamblog4_zpsd2c9c69b.jpg  photo kfamblog3_zpsb62537cc.jpg  photo kfamblog5_zps945b7d89.jpg


The Hoffman Family

You might recognize this sweet family from the previous blog post! Alecia's sister just got married at Overlook Farm and I photographed the wedding. While Lauren was planning her wedding, Alecia reached out to me to set up a family portrait session. I was already excited because throughout my emails and contact with Alecia I knew how excited she was about her session and how important it was to her. After meeting her two adorable boys (the ring bearers) at Lauren's wedding I couldn't wait to photograph this family! As I expected we had a great time. And as you can expect from two young boys, there was a lot of goofing around. A few breaks for funny face pictures and monkey noises and I think everyone was happy. Enjoy the images of this beautiful family! Hoffman family, it was so great to see you guys again!  photo hoffmancollage1_zpscc5d5c44.jpg  photo hoffmanblog13_zps9b2604bb.jpg  photo hoffmanblog12_zps82226528.jpg  photo hoffmanblog11_zpsfd2b3669.jpg  photo hoffmanblog10_zps483b4795.jpg  photo hoffmanblog9_zps66d98963.jpg  photo hoffmanblog3_zps3308479b.jpg  photo hoffmanblog6_zps1ac35da8.jpg  photo hoffmanblog8_zps77ce9c24.jpg  photo hoffmanblog7_zps1a4dfa37.jpg  photo hoffmanblog5_zps242aa045.jpg  photo hoffmanblog4_zpsd9ab9b85.jpg  photo hoffmancollage2_zps7f5ce030.jpg  photo hoffmanblog2_zps1f1545cd.jpg  photo hoffmanblog1_zps7fd37cc4.jpg