Jess: Maternity

I am so excited to share these as it was a long time planning process before St. Louis finally gave us a beautiful night to go out and do our session!! It really was a perfect evening, not too hot or humid which is rare for St. Louis in the summer. Anyways, Jess and Jeremy (and little Eddie the dog) were such a pleasure to photograph! I truly love that I get invited to capture some of the happiest times in people's lives. It was so sweet hearing them talk about their baby girl and how anxious they are for her arrival. I'm excited for this precious little one's arrival too! Be on the lookout for Miss Emma's newborn session in the next month or so. For now, enjoy the images of this lovely couple awaiting their first baby.  photo jessblog3_zps67a6dcb3.jpg  photo jessblog2_zps7c612b71.jpg  photo jessblog1_zpsa54edb6a.jpg  photo jessblog11_zps7c0c7b44.jpg  photo jesscollage1blog_zps93ebb369.jpg  photo jessblog10_zps9c78cfc8.jpg  photo jessblog9_zpsd7277fe2.jpg  photo jessblog8_zps83cff806.jpg  photo jessblog7_zps6e9317d2.jpg  photo jessblog6_zpsfd73c3f9.jpg  photo jessblog5_zps9dda3c66.jpg  photo jessblog4_zps9daa56c1.jpg


The Tilzer Family

Well, adult families are not something I typically photograph but I've known this family ever since I was in elementary school. So, when Leslie came to me and asked if I'd photograph her family, of course I said yes! It was so great seeing them and catching up on everyone and catching them up on my family as well. I've got to say though, I was a little nervous going into this shoot, only because I do typically shoot little ones and was thinking none of my tricks to create smiles are going to work (peekaboo, singing songs, making weird noises, having the parents hold the kid upside down)! But throughout the shoot I realized, a family bond is a family bond. No matter what age the child is, she is still her Momma's baby. A little brother may not physically be the smallest anymore, but in the dynamics of the sibling relationship, he will always be the little brother. And the bond between sisters is always present, and possibly even more beautiful the older we get. So thank you Tilzer family for all of the laughs, a couple of tears and trusting me to capture your family. Here are a few from their session. Enjoy!  photo tilzerblog5_zps0212a80d.jpg  photo tilzerblog1_zps4315957f.jpg  photo tilzerblog3_zpsf9b4c911.jpg  photo tilzerblog2_zps7f851d7a.jpg  photo tilzerblog4_zps00b899f9.jpg  photo tilzerblog7_zpsc351a19c.jpg  photo tilzerblog10_zps10892caf.jpg  photo tilzerblog6_zpsd86cfef8.jpg  photo tilzerblog8_zpsaf3cb179.jpg  photo tilzerblog9_zps0ad442ec.jpg


The Snee Family

Here is another great family that was sent my way by my dear friend Talia Kite of Blissful Impressions. Thanks for sending me all of these amazing clients! Anyways, this family is so sweet, especially their little girl. We had to take a few breaks for "huggies" which was just about the cutest thing ever. Every once in awhile she just needed a hug and then she was back to being perfect for the camera. I mean seriously, she is probably one of the most cooperative two-year-olds I've ever taken pictures of. She said "ya" to everything. Enjoy this sweet girl and her family!  photo whiteblog9_zps2aa46201.jpg  photo whiteblog7_zps508fba8b.jpg  photo whiteblog8_zps9e2b7532.jpg  photo whiteblog6_zpsbb0d1530.jpg  photo whiteblog5_zpse41a3d45.jpg  photo whiteblog17_zps06fb435b.jpg  photo whiteblog4_zps74b335e1.jpg  photo whiteblog10_zpsaaf4cdda.jpg  photo whiteblog3_zpsa742e7c4.jpg  photo whiteblog2_zpsda4da1ca.jpg  photo whiteblog1_zps0bc65475.jpg  photo whiteblog14_zps84d7bf7f.jpg  photo whitecollage1_zpse19c6d24.jpg  photo whiteblog15_zps2edddf77.jpg  photo whiteblog16_zpsb3e68eca.jpg  photo whiteblog13_zps83367aa5.jpg  photo whiteblog12_zps1cda4cdc.jpg