Alexis and Drew: Wedding

This was my first New Years Eve wedding (photographing or attending) and it was AWESOME!! What a beautiful, fun way to ring in the new year. You probably recognize these two from their engagement session. They just exude love and happiness and it made me smile non-stop while I was editing! Along with the crazy fun times during their day, there were also some quiet, very special moments. Thank you so much for including me in your wedding day. Alexis you were a STUNNING bride and Drew you were quite handsome. Enjoy these two lovebirds!  photo adwblog6_zps4371dc64.jpg  photo adwblog3_zpsc1a026c8.jpg  photo adwblog2_zps8c607c51.jpg  photo adwblog1_zps08c59a30.jpg  photo adwblog18_zps516d0c79.jpg  photo adwblog17_zps53e1a2f2.jpg  photo adwblog16_zps9c9197e9.jpg  photo adwblog23_zps23a62462.jpg  photo adwblog14_zps1d1269fc.jpg  photo adwblog15_zps1632060c.jpg  photo adwblog12_zps8ac581e3.jpg  photo adwblog35_zps115de757.jpg  photo adwblog36_zpse1614102.jpg  photo adwblog31_zps743516de.jpg  photo adwblog34_zps3f98348e.jpg  photo adwblog33_zpsf291d309.jpg  photo adwblog30_zps9f67b566.jpg  photo adwblog29_zps03ebbcd3.jpg  photo adwblog13_zpsab712e26.jpg  photo adwblog32_zps1188b89b.jpg  photo adwblog11_zps371837ce.jpg  photo adwblog10_zps525c81b0.jpg  photo adwblog9_zps0ac15e4e.jpg  photo adwblog8_zps345d7892.jpg  photo adwblog7_zps3075f223.jpg  photo adwblog5_zps0a58c8f9.jpg  photo adwblog4_zps04dd36b7.jpg  photo adwblog27_zpsa10b8740.jpg  photo adwblog26_zps32d8e663.jpg  photo adwblog25_zps4a56f8b2.jpg  photo adwblog24_zps11f3848a.jpg  photo adwblog22_zpsb2144d5d.jpg  photo adwblog20_zpsc04a82d0.jpg