The Lynn Family

Get ready to see the most precious little doll face you have ever seen! Miss Hadley was an absolute sweetheart. I would just talk to her and her little eyes and smile would light up. Her family was so inviting and fun to photograph. I felt like I was sitting in the living room with friends instead of just meeting this couple. I hope to continue capturing this family because they were such a pleasure to work with and the adoring way they all looked at each other just melted my heart. Enjoy!  photo lynncollage1_zpsadbf9ada.jpg  photo lynnblog13_zpsda7e9a80.jpg  photo lynnblog11_zps491584f5.jpg  photo lynnblog12_zps5c72ffb7.jpg  photo lynnblog10_zps3041e89c.jpg  photo lynnblog9_zps4c78fd95.jpg  photo lynnblog7_zpsd7a0635f.jpg  photo lynnblog8_zps28d87f4b.jpg  photo lynnblog6_zpsb5154db8.jpg  photo lynnblog5_zpsf2db6d17.jpg  photo lynnblog4_zps8d826492.jpg  photo lynnblog3_zps1e9790d3.jpg  photo lynnblog2_zps3f574848.jpg  photo lynnblog1_zps85ae5f68.jpg


The Darabcsek Family

Get ready to see three of the cutest kids. They all have the sweetest little faces and personalities and weren't a bit shy! I had a lot of fun with this crew at their beautiful home. They have an incredible backyard and that is where we hung out for the session. I did a session for this sweet family last fall and it is crazy to see how much they have grown, especially the little lady :) Enjoy! (I dare you not to smile)  photo dblog10_zps30bea6d5.jpg  photo dblog9_zpsf9862338.jpg  photo dblog8_zps8479b56f.jpg  photo dblog6_zps652919e7.jpg  photo dblog12_zps9894dae0.jpg  photo dblog7_zps15b70b3f.jpg  photo dblog5_zps56236e14.jpg  photo dblog4_zpsaca2846f.jpg  photo dblog3_zpsa56a453b.jpg  photo dblog2_zps9401e19d.jpg  photo dblog1_zpsc57774c0.jpg  photo dblog14_zps8a9d505d.jpg  photo dblog15_zps0527124a.jpg  photo dblog13_zps2928e432.jpg


The Ewing Family

I can't believe this handsome little guy is one! It really is neat to see my clients grow from when they were just teeny newborns and see how much they have changed. Landon was an adorable newborn and seems to be getting cuter every time I see him. He has the most beautiful eyes and the cutest little face and expressions. And he was such a trooper during this chilly sunset session. He had mom and dad there for snuggles to help keep him warm and his aunt and her friend came to bring the smiles again! I absolutely love the last image in this post and his face as he's crawling towards his aunt :) Thanks for bearing the cold Ewing family, I adore you guys! Enjoy!  photo ewingblog10_zpse6a55912.jpg  photo ewingblog11_zps40c5cea9.jpg  photo ewingblog12_zps45318915.jpg  photo ewingblog8_zpseeb763cf.jpg  photo ewingblog9_zps5a2f286f.jpg  photo ewingblog7_zps1e760919.jpg  photo ewingblog6_zps91ad4409.jpg  photo ewingblog5_zps60325a7b.jpg  photo ewingblog4_zps7370745e.jpg  photo ewingblog3_zps80d76d30.jpg  photo ewingblog2_zps58f454ff.jpg  photo ewingblog1_zps8e6c9f45.jpg


The Koral Family

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE photographing families in their homes! I feel like it makes everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed and it shows the family in their environment (so hint, hint, don't be afraid to schedule a session in the winter, we could do it at your home!). Anyways, this family is awesome!! The session flowed effortlessly from one room to the next in their home and then we headed outside at the end where dad rocked little man to sleep. So cute! I loved everything about this session. Enjoy!  photo kblog3_zps79ac0934.jpg  photo kblog2_zps408b4af7.jpg  photo kblog1_zps6a64aa17.jpg  photo kblog14_zps2d124d3c.jpg  photo kblog13_zpscb3855f1.jpg  photo kblog12_zpsaff4094e.jpg  photo kblog11_zps982ba337.jpg  photo kblog9_zps2eb516e6.jpg  photo kblog8_zpsef66cd6e.jpg  photo kblog10_zps7b332a03.jpg  photo kblog7_zps176a82ef.jpg  photo kblog6_zpsc9fc6231.jpg  photo kblog5_zpsdedfd262.jpg  photo kblog4_zps44ed993c.jpg