Painting with Light

What a fun last assignment!! I think I can do a lot more things with this technique though and will definitely keep practicing. Anyhoo, there were some difficulties we encountered, such as being surrounded by a gang of raccoons but overall it was a great couple of nights. These pictures were taken with an ISO 100, F4, and the shutter speed on bulb. For both of these pictures I used flash and a flashlight. Oh and by the way can anyone tell me how to make my photos bigger on this page? It's already on the large setting. Thanks!

"One Man Band"


Audio Slideshow Research - Portrait of a Cobbler

Here is the link to a story that I found on the New York Times website called "Portrait of a Cobbler." Just click on my title.


Multiple Flash

For this assignment, Amanda and I went to Twilight Dance Studio and photographed an adult ballet class and some private lessons. Everyone there was extremely nice and looked like they were having a great time! I think we did a pretty good job considering the insane amounts of glass, windows, and metal that we encountered.


Blending Assignment

This was a fun assignment!! I don't know if it was because I was at the bowling alley or because the point was to get a blurry picture, but it was a good time. I couldn't decide which picture was my favorite, so here are there from my shoot. I like the second one, but the flash seems to be very noticeable and maybe even "ugh". I like the action that I caught in that picture though and he just so happened to get a strike on that shot as well!

AMF bowling center in Columbia Missouri, was packed this Wednesday night April 9th. Perhaps it was the dollar games or students needing a break in the middle of their school week.

Brian Coley bowls a strike Wednesday night at AMF bowling center in Columbia, Missouri. He was there bowling with guachos co-worker and girlfriend Kerri Klocke.

Although Steffi Dickmann is only 5 foot, she can bowl. She had the top score of the four friends she went bowling with on Wednesday April 9th.


Fill and Balancing Assignment

Hail and thunderstorms scatter the Columbia area around 1 o’clock on April 3rd.

*This picture was taken at ISO 100, f3.5 with a shutter speed of 1/160s.

Marion Brewer, 21, waits in Gannett Hall for a friend while it storms outside on MU’s campus.

*This picture was taken with an ISO of 400, f4.5 with a shutter speed of 1/30s.


Color Correction: Fluorescent light

Luke Lachmann, a senior at the University of Missouri, enjoys his job at Jimmy Johns. He greets customers with a friendly “hey what’s up” as if he has known them for years.

*This picture was shot in RAW then color corrected for fluorescent light, with an ISO of 400, f5.6, and shutter speed of 1/25s.


Bounce Flash

Chris Ruck, 22, of Moonlit Bombshell, gets in some last minute practice as he waits for his band’s turn to play at the Blue Fugue.


Flash Assignment, Take 1: Direct Flash

Drea was right...I hate my pictures for this assignment! But it was fun popping my flash in people's faces :)

John Randall, 22, of the Hoot n’Hollers gets the crowd pumped up at the Blue Fugue on Monday March 10, 2008. He is a senior at Mizzou and him and fellow band member Andy Rehm (not pictured) are both from the St. Louis area. Behind Randall in this photo is a member of another group there for open mic night, that got on stage and played the harmonica.

*This picture was taken with my wb set to daylight, an ISO of 100, at f8, with a shutter speed of 1/125s. My flash was attached to my camera with a cord and I was holding it with my left hand.


Metal and Glass

I taped two wires under this model car where the exhaust pipes are, put rubber cement on it and lit it on fire. It was hanging vertically from a stand with fishing wire.

I was having difficulty trying to get the fishing wire to not show up in the picture. This is the same picture as above but I cloned the background and photoshopped the fishing wire out of the picture.


Classmate Portrait

Zach was a great model. Here are some of my favorites from our shoot...

Zach Siebert is a grad student studying photojournalism at the University of Missouri. He loves to travel and never ceases to put a smile on fellow classmates' faces.


Stump the Chump and Mood Lighting

This picture of a green sea turtle was taken by John Hodson, 50 and is from Popular Photography Magazine. It is my stump the chump photo.

This picture is the mood lighting picture that I found. It was taken by Dan Richards and is also from Popular Photography Magazine.