Little Miss Katie

I hadn't seen this little doll since her newborn shoot and my has she grown! She was the most easy-going, cheerful little baby and I could've played with her alllll day. This session was just about her and her momma. It was girly, it was sweet, it was fun! I can't wait to see this family later in the Spring when I get to photograph them all together. Now get ready to have a big smile on your face, these images are full of big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, heart-shaped birthmarks, dimpled little hands and lots of love! Enjoy!  photo kblog20_zps82841e16.jpg  photo kblog22_zps4598801d.jpg  photo kblog21_zpsb54f05bc.jpg  photo kblog17_zpsbbacc9e5.jpg  photo kblog19_zps5051f544.jpg  photo kblog16_zps4d396d11.jpg  photo kblog14_zps9ec29413.jpg  photo kblog13_zpsb07003d7.jpg  photo kblog11_zps693230e7.jpg  photo kblog10_zpsa7210abc.jpg  photo kblog9_zps52c854d8.jpg  photo kblog8_zpse20a22aa.jpg  photo kblog7_zps8caed02f.jpg  photo kblog4_zps48b1f50d.jpg  photo kblog3_zps109f6638.jpg  photo kblog5_zps5d199709.jpg  photo kblog1_zpse35634c3.jpg  photo kblog2b_zpsa14b7d94.jpg  photo kblog23_zpsba0266ac.jpg  photo kblog26_zpsf4b3f054.jpg  photo kblog25_zpsaaff8347.jpg


The Burr Family

This family is so sweet!! And their kids are adorable, especially their newest little one, William, with his big blue eyes! He was not so sure about me at the beginning of our shoot though. All he wanted to do was cuddle mom and dad, which was pretty stinkin' cute. I have to say, you guys make having three kids look easy (and really fun!). These kiddos are super lucky to have parents like you. Enjoy your images!  photo bblog16_zps616f997c.jpg  photo bblog14_zps488201bc.jpg  photo bblog11_zps70444eeb.jpg  photo bblog10_zps8729fabe.jpg  photo bblog2_zps4ac1da5c.jpg  photo bblog13_zps6d6dd78f.jpg  photo bblog12_zpsb8841be3.jpg  photo bblog9_zps1fd32392.jpg  photo bblog8_zpsfeef0927.jpg  photo bblog3_zpsdbfd8a06.jpg  photo bblog7_zps97cbbe07.jpg  photo bblog1_zps5f1db3dd.jpg  photo bblog5_zps56c677bd.jpg  photo bblog4_zpsd97e73c9.jpg  photo bblog6_zps8b36250a.jpg  photo bblog18_zps7168b27f.jpg  photo bblog17_zpsa317951d.jpg