I can't believe this little cutie is almost ONE! Where has the time gone? It truly feels like I was just taking her newborn pictures and swooning over that beautiful red hair of hers. Well, she's still got a full head of that gorgeous hair and the prettiest, creamy skin. I may have stolen her for a bit to play and snuggle while her parents were getting ready :) This session was extra special because not only was it to document Emma being a year old but this family just moved into this beautiful home too! Two huge milestones! I sure feel lucky to do what I do. Enjoy!  photo emblog7_zpsc9739f69.jpg  photo emblog10_zps5ab4317e.jpg  photo emblog9_zpse0b6061b.jpg  photo emblog18_zpsb28b5480.jpg  photo emblog20_zps974fa393.jpg  photo emblog19_zps20a8cb24.jpg  photo emblog5_zps5c5b42a7.jpg  photo emblog6_zps55988da2.jpg  photo emblog4_zps2d1e5f64.jpg  photo emblog3_zps98f36fbc.jpg  photo emblog2_zps030456a4.jpg  photo emblog1_zpse78c9857.jpg  photo emblog14_zps73406550.jpg  photo emblog13_zps8ef78d45.jpg  photo emblog12_zps258b6383.jpg


Elizabeth and Jason: Engagement

Elizabeth is another Parkway West alum. I truly love when people I went to school with reach out to me to photograph them. I know there are a lot of photographers out there, so thank you :) Anyways, I had the pleasure of meeting her fiancee Jason and photographed their engagement session in Forest Park. We started off at the World's Fair Pavilion where Jason had proposed to Elizabeth. And their little dog Yadi came along for some pictures too! He is so darn cute!! I had such a great time with these two. There was a quiet, sweetness about their relationship that was just adorable. I cannot wait to photograph your wedding in September! Enjoy! P.S. Elizabeth, your hair is AMAZING.  photo ejblog8_zpsb0e71f51.jpg  photo ejblog7_zps27648bcb.jpg  photo ejblog5_zps5a72f4c9.jpg  photo ejblog12_zps7e94f9bc.jpg  photo ejblog4_zps9673fd0d.jpg  photo ejblog6_zps08dd6a06.jpg  photo ejblog3_zps53fdfcc5.jpg  photo ejblog9_zps805f45ce.jpg  photo ejblog2_zps9147c118.jpg  photo ejblog10_zpscec9f274.jpg  photo ejblog15_zpseddb8ba6.jpg  photo ejblog14_zpsacb40427.jpg


Danielle and Nick: Wedding

I think you can tell a lot about someone just from the people who surround them. And let me tell you, everyone at this wedding was so fun, caring and genuine! I absolutely loved this wedding. Dee and Nick are quite the pair and so truly in love with each other. It was beautiful to witness. Their first look was one of my favorites that I have ever done because it was full of such raw emotion. I may have started tearing up behind my camera :) Dee and Nick, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. Extra special thanks to Gara Elizabeth for second shooting this and to Kevin Roberts for being so awesome and getting us permission to take pictures in the St. Louis Public Library. Enjoy!  photo dnblog4_zps328adce8.jpg  photo dnblog3_zps3302badf.jpg  photo dnblog2_zpsda67a94e.jpg  photo dnblog1_zpsc56f1354.jpg  photo dnblog24_zps77779b26.jpg  photo dnblog7_zpscbbe480a.jpg  photo dnblog6_zps53a32358.jpg  photo dnblog5_zpsad43ade2.jpg  photo dnblog36_zpsd4aa8a39.jpg  photo dnblog45_zps83a4615a.jpg  photo dnblog44_zps2859f74a.jpg  photo dnblog34_zps9f6a456f.jpg  photo dnblog21_zpsea23f9e8.jpg  photo dnblog18_zps371e49fa.jpg  photo dnblog31_zpse8f22f89.jpg  photo dnblog33_zpsf44bbf6b.jpg  photo dnblog17_zpsabb4cf1b.jpg  photo dnblog28_zps04884807.jpg  photo dnblog16_zpsc2a303e8.jpg  photo dnblog27_zps84692b43.jpg  photo dnblog14_zpsb807a0c7.jpg  photo dnblog15_zpsb84df02a.jpg  photo dnblog26_zps32ea6134.jpg  photo dnblog49_zps608828e7.jpg  photo dnblog48_zps93207de8.jpg  photo dnblog13_zps150f15a2.jpg  photo dnblog12_zpse963362e.jpg  photo dnblog47_zps6b7c5c78.jpg  photo dnblog41_zps8d4c2bf0.jpg  photo dnblog8_zpsf405d232.jpg  photo dnblog9_zps339936ec.jpg  photo dnblog39_zps81fba505.jpg  photo dnblog46_zps0ac8423f.jpg