The Cregan Family

I've known this family since I was itty bitty and hadn't seen most of them (or even met some!) in a very long time! It was so wonderful spending the day with them and seeing how their family has grown. Their three granddaughters are absolutely stunning and so much fun to photograph. I love photographing sisters because many times there is such a sweet bond and I love being able to capture that. Thank you so much for having me over and have a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy!  photo cblog22_zps589395d9.jpg  photo cblog24_zpsdf647cb1.jpg  photo cblog23_zps50326d45.jpg  photo cblog21_zps42941dcd.jpg  photo cblog20_zps5d35970a.jpg  photo cblog19_zps1e4fdd6e.jpg  photo cblog18_zps09f34818.jpg  photo cblog17_zpsebd2fd8b.jpg  photo cblog16_zps10e79af8.jpg  photo cblog15_zps65e5c285.jpg  photo cblog14_zps2b86878f.jpg  photo cblog13_zps57b16786.jpg  photo cblog12_zpsa9c42e18.jpg  photo clog11_zps41cafb15.jpg  photo cblog10_zps4ec7a3de.jpg  photo cblog3_zps26460279.jpg  photo cblog7_zps6290a53e.jpg  photo cblog6_zps12ffff60.jpg  photo cblog5_zps6e23626e.jpg  photo cblog4_zpse1549f98.jpg  photo cblog26_zps9cf1abda.jpg  photo cblog27_zpsbf8de628.jpg  photo cblog25_zps6d4042ba.jpg  photo cblog2_zpse1c7b4b3.jpg  photo cblog1_zpsa6135e93.jpg


The Mandelberger Family

It was so great to see these three again! I hadn't seen Emma since I did her newborn pictures (except for facebook and instagram) and my has she grown. If ever I wanted to kiss on some chubby cheeks during a session this was it. But seriously, she is just so cute and perfectly squishy. And such an easy-going little gal! We did the session in their home which I loved because that is where we have done their past two sessions, and it's really neat to see Emma growing in that same space. I also got to capture her putting up her first Christmas ornament on the tree which was pretty special :) Enjoy sweet little Emma and her parents!  photo mblog11_zpsa8c6e8cc.jpg  photo mblog10_zps4f6aebd0.jpg  photo mblog9_zps8d888faf.jpg  photo mblog7_zps101af500.jpg  photo mblog8_zps0958e4d3.jpg  photo mblog6_zps268cf711.jpg  photo mblog5_zpsd48f3efe.jpg  photo mblog4_zpsb6468d22.jpg  photo mblog3_zps2be4403d.jpg  photo mblog2_zpsf9900451.jpg  photo mblog1_zps57181b77.jpg  photo mblog13_zpsd259ce7c.jpg  photo mblog12_zps2b5dc5f1.jpg