Bennett and Vivian: 9 months

Get ready to see some of the most beautiful babies ever!! I mean seriously, they are gorgeous. They were so full of energy too! I have to say it was quite the team effort during our session. It was really wonderful to see how well their parents work together. Big brother Jake hopped in for a few and we got a couple with the whole family as well. It was such a pleasure to meet this family and I hope to keep capturing these little ones as they grow. Enjoy!  photo lambertblog11_zpsfd3d2f85.jpg  photo lambertblog10_zps2f13d511.jpg  photo lambertblog6_zps9b5bb1b5.jpg  photo lambertblog5_zps763fe321.jpg  photo lambertblog3_zps45c3ed12.jpg  photo lambertblog1_zps58ef5d35.jpg  photo lambertblog2_zpsaf9a7fbb.jpg  photo lambertblog22_zps64bf5be6.jpg  photo lambertblog23_zps2a49f7c6.jpg  photo lambertblog21_zps3ab7e970.jpg  photo lambertblog18_zps3395b101.jpg  photo lambertblog12_zpse9f77775.jpg  photo lambertblog14_zps1c6a4132.jpg  photo lambertblog17_zps39d33654.jpg