Rebecca and Eric: Engaged

Oh, these two were such a delight to photograph! They were so easy going and naturals in front of the camera (Eric, you were clearly bluffing when you said you aren't good at getting your picture taken :) It was so great getting to know these two and capture their love. Special shout out to my friend Halli for sending this couple my way. Enjoy!  photo vonblog13_zps02281c92.jpg  photo vonblog12_zps7ea85149.jpg  photo vonblog11_zps1983a3a4.jpg  photo vonblog10_zps68edcd24.jpg  photo vonblog6_zpsa448245e.jpg  photo vonblog8_zpsc27902c4.jpg  photo vonblog7_zps2d020210.jpg  photo vonblog9_zpsf8bb655f.jpg  photo vonblog3_zps59722df9.jpg  photo vonblog5_zpscdc27485.jpg  photo vonblog4_zps2075e5fd.jpg  photo vonblog2_zps63aa40f8.jpg  photo vonblog1_zps0ec502ea.jpg


Landon: 6 months

Get ready to have your heart melted by this sweet little man! Oh my goodness, I just couldn't stop smiling while I was editing these. He is just so sweet! And you can tell by the way his parents look at him they absolutely adore him :) Shout out to his Aunt for tagging along and bringing all the smiles! She knew just what to do to light this little guy up. Thank you Ewing family, it was a pleasure. Enjoy (warning: may cause baby fever).  photo ewingblog6-1_zpsf17d1990.jpg  photo ewingblog5-1_zps5c959a15.jpg  photo ewingblog4-1_zps5736b4d9.jpg  photo ewingblog3-1_zps93bbd096.jpg  photo ewingblog1_zps25799b16.jpg  photo ewingblog2-1_zps7b411723.jpg  photo ewingblog14_zpsfd1d9c8b.jpg  photo ewingblog12-1_zpsdaae0cdb.jpg  photo ewingblog13-1_zps87c42cc6.jpg  photo ewingblog9-1_zps18edce8e.jpg  photo ewingblog10-1_zps9b91bb0f.jpg  photo ewingblog11-1_zps9f1613ad.jpg  photo ewingblog8-1_zpsb4de51cc.jpg  photo ewingblog7-1_zps04d60bbd.jpg


Bennett and Vivian: 1 year

You probably remember these gorgeous twins from their 9 month shoot! That was one of my favorite sessions so I was so excited to photograph this family again. They are the absolute sweetest and we had a great time. I'm sure the other people at the park were entertained as well as they watched us try to keep these very mobile twins and their older brother in one area. I seriously have so much respect for these parents, being outnumbered on a daily basis! Thank you Lambert family for inviting me to document this time in your family's life! Enjoy.  photo lamblog12_zpsaaa8932e.jpg  photo lamblog10_zpsadd0a462.jpg  photo lamblog11_zpsb28f81d2.jpg  photo lamblog9_zpsfd354eec.jpg  photo lamblog8_zpsd9a8bce6.jpg  photo lamblog7_zps2ccfcb13.jpg  photo lamblog5_zps1d17f34a.jpg  photo lamblog3_zps7a8bfde0.jpg  photo lamblog4_zpsdddc08b1.jpg  photo lamblog20_zps1ccd9076.jpg  photo lamblog18_zps655fb9bb.jpg  photo lamblog2_zpsf33e4b5e.jpg  photo lamblog16_zps4296a32c.jpg  photo lamblog15_zps1b451efc.jpg  photo lamblog14_zps49a40f97.jpg  photo lambertcollage1blog_zps86198f2b.jpg  photo lamblog17_zpsc9700245.jpg


Julia and Chris: Wedding

One of my very best friends got married last month to her perfect match. Let me just say, these two are one of my favorite couples :) You can feel how much they love each other, they make each other laugh constantly (they giggled through the entire ceremony) and they just get each other. I was so honored to be a part of their wedding as a bridesmaid and brought my camera along for the ride. Here are some of my favorites from the day. Love you Julia and Chris!! You two make a beautiful couple and I truly couldn't be any happier for you both.  photo juliablog14_zps380ef5d4.jpg  photo juliablog13_zps1eab417a.jpg  photo juliablog10_zps4182c4fb.jpg  photo juliablog12_zpsae070024.jpg  photo juliablog11_zpscdd0deb8.jpg  photo juliablog9_zpsda6012bd.jpg  photo juliablog8_zpsf549ea8f.jpg  photo juliablog7_zps846b43d9.jpg  photo juliacollage2blog_zps7cf3011f.jpg  photo juliablog6_zpsb9da5c4f.jpg  photo juliablog4_zpscec718df.jpg  photo juliacollage3blog_zps70f69611.jpg  photo juliablog3_zps71cf1ef4.jpg  photo juliacollageblog_zps497033b9.jpg  photo juliablog2_zps847a4aa3.jpg  photo juliablog1_zps8a7f7704.jpg