Owen : 1 year

You might remember this sweet family from Owen's newborn session. You know, the one with the adorable big sister who was so good with her baby brother? Well, here they are one year later! I can't believe how much the little ones I photograph can change in such a short time. It reminds me why capturing these moments in time are so important though. Anyways, I had such a fun morning with this family and that little Owen can really ham it up for the camera when he wants to :) Enjoy!  photo jacobs14_zpsc1ddfe1c.jpg  photo jacobs_collage1_zpsfdfe0925.jpg  photo jacobs_collage2_zps2889b734.jpg  photo jacobs13_zps0130b6ec.jpg  photo jacobs12_zpsfe21b137.jpg  photo jacobs11_zps73b85a9f.jpg  photo jacobs10_zpsd19a005e.jpg'  photo jacobs9_zpsf6524e21.jpg  photo jacobs4_zps2bfd02c2.jpg  photo jacobs3_zpsaae6d6a3.jpg  photo jacobs2_zps772ab5f5.jpg  photo jacobs8_zpsc3dbf609.jpg  photo jacobs7_zps4c2e7719.jpg  photo jacobs6_zpsf8179c7e.jpg  photo jacobs5_zps5e750344.jpg  photo jacobs_collage3_zpse4a334d6.jpg  photo jacobs1_zps7d683929.jpg  photo jacobs16_zpsa6f4578d.jpg  photo jacobs15_zps05624c13.jpg