Lauren and Andrew: Wedding

I don't like to play favorites but this wedding has a special place in my heart. Tyler and I got married at the same venue, Overlook Farm, (it will be one year on Sunday!) and little moments throughout the day brought back memories from our special day there. Lauren and Andrew's day was extra special because it was 12 years to the day that Andrew first asked out Lauren! How awesome is that?! Everything was so relaxed and beautiful and you could tell they put a lot of thought and heart into making it a perfect day. I started out the day with the boys, which was something new for me. I usually shoot weddings alone and the bride and groom are typically in two different locations, so I just document the bride getting ready. Lauren arranged for the boys to get ready and have pictures done before I headed over to where she was getting ready. I loved this plan! After hanging with the boys for a little bit, I headed over to capture Lauren and her bridesmaids getting ready. Lauren and Andrew did not want to see each other until the ceremony, so there was this amazing excitement and anxiousness throughout the day. I love the images of them both looking out the window as the guests are arriving. I truly enjoyed photographing this couple and hope you enjoy the pictures! Lauren, you were a stunning bride!!  photo laurendrew4_zpsb9728eb7.jpg  photo laurendrewblog3_zps957597c7.jpg  photo laurendrewblog2_zps7926ec4f.jpg  photo laurendrewblog1_zps1fcef12a.jpg  photo laurendrew18_zps11c7c2f0.jpg  photo laurendrew17_zpse0f22a3c.jpg  photo laurendrew16_zps6889f217.jpg  photo laurendrew13_zpse186dd4a.jpg  photo laurendrew14_zpsf43bd3e1.jpg  photo laurendrewcollage1_zps9cb608c4.jpg  photo laurendrew12_zpsd5704783.jpg  photo laurendrew11_zpscbf41fac.jpg  photo laurendrew10_zps35dca41e.jpg  photo laurendrew36_zps828a49d1.jpg  photo laurendrew35_zps2d87f32e.jpg  photo laurendrew15_zps635a7aca.jpg  photo laurendrew34_zps08b582f2.jpg  photo laurendrew33_zps9bab5591.jpg  photo laurendrew32_zpsc56be454.jpg  photo laurendrew31_zps46b8c7de.jpg  photo laurendrew30_zps2f9da1dc.jpg  photo laurendrew29_zps70763ae2.jpg  photo laurendrew9_zps6c6a6b0f.jpg  photo laurendrew8_zpsd7d8f602.jpg  photo laurendrew28_zps98a96d2a.jpg  photo laurendrew27_zpse74a6d03.jpg  photo laurendrew7_zpsfc9baa2d.jpg  photo laurenddrew27_zpsee8a35e4.jpg  photo laurendrewcollage2_zps593e82c7.jpg  photo laurendrew26_zps6b700503.jpg  photo laurendrew25_zps85122671.jpg  photo laurendrew24_zps2072428b.jpg  photo laurendrew6_zps02255e08.jpg  photo laurendrew5_zps98a39bbe.jpg  photo laurendrew22_zps58c05003.jpg  photo laurendrew21_zps67dad9b8.jpg  photo laurendrew20_zpsc5616559.jpg  photo laurendrew19_zps2dcba401.jpg  photo laurendrew23_zpsef049f2c.jpg  photo laurendrew35_zps1f19b22f.jpg