The Graul Family

I love this family. I'm pretty sure I say that every time I post one of their sessions, but that's just because it's true! I cannot even count how many times I have photographed them and after every shoot, I leave so darn happy, because they are just good, happy people. For this session, since Spring is finally here in the Midwest, we decided to head outside to a local park. It was actually a pretty perfect evening. Katie and William were rockstars. It seems like they're getting pretty used to being photographed! Dan and Nicole, you guys are rockstars too :) Enjoy!  photo gblog23_zps8abbfbe4.jpg  photo gblog14_zps88d66573.jpg  photo gblog3_zps7ca1256d.jpg  photo gblog1_zps7e2e2493.jpg  photo gblog16_zps74ab33ec.jpg  photo gblog19_zps6b4f437d.jpg  photo gblog15_zps3e084c3c.jpg  photo gblog13_zpsf452ab63.jpg  photo gblog12_zps09f8e31f.jpg  photo gblog11_zps664b4df7.jpg  photo gblog10_zpsd325cc4e.jpg  photo gblog9_zps4169c525.jpg  photo gblog8_zpsb8e1f30e.jpg  photo gblog7_zps8d3cb918.jpg  photo gblog6_zpsc850f74c.jpg


Emily and Zach: Engagement

Let me just say when the couple you are photographing says that they want to start off engagement pictures at iTAP in Soulard, you know it is going to be a good session :) These two were laid back, did all of the goofy things I asked them to without question and were just so much fun to be around. And besides being a great time to hang out with, they are extremely kind. In lieu of gifts for their wedding, they are asking for donations to Stray Rescue, where they got their sweet little Calliope (who joined us for the session!). How awesome is that?! I can't wait to photograph your wedding in July! Zach, I love the way you make Emily laugh. Emily, you have a fantastic laugh. Enjoy!  photo eblog4_zpsfe371334.jpg  photo eblog5_zpsb58d61cc.jpg  photo eblog3_zpsbcbc6bb0.jpg  photo eblog2_zpsea663a70.jpg  photo eblog7_zps120578f2.jpg  photo eblog1_zps3a5dcac3.jpg  photo eblog10_zpsee86f8b0.jpg  photo eblog8_zps8fdae9ef.jpg  photo eblog11_zps14478a00.jpg  photo eblog15_zps202548cc.jpg  photo eblog14_zpse738e159.jpg  photo eblog12_zpsde319748.jpg  photo eblog13_zpsf206b9fc.jpg  photo eblog6_zpsaf14c067.jpg  photo eblog9_zps68f04c68.jpg


Jackson Meets Sawyer

As many of you might know, I received the wonderful gift of a new nephew in January! And now it's May and I still haven't shared any images of him. I can guarantee you, it has not been for a lack of pictures. It is actually the opposite! I was there for his birth and I think the longest I've been away from him is a week since he was born. I am lucky they live so close :) Anyways, I decided to divide up his pictures into two different blog posts so it didn't get extremely long. Here is the first set. These were taken at the hospital when Jackson met Sawyer for the first time. Looking through these pictures, I realized they weren't necessarily about Sawyer, but more of a story of a big brother meeting his little brother. And Jackson's emotions are written all over his face in every image! That's the wonderful thing about kids, no guard up, they just put it all out there. Enjoy!  photo sblog15_zps14625b99.jpg  photo sblog14_zps3ce2191a.jpg  photo sblog13_zps8b1eaa64.jpg  photo sblog12_zpsf2c83817.jpg  photo sblog11_zps62320343.jpg  photo sblog10_zps0e65b957.jpg  photo sblog8_zpsab641406.jpg  photo sblog9_zps93c7e625.jpg  photo sblog7_zpsfbf8746e.jpg  photo sblog6_zps91a61910.jpg  photo sblog5_zps833f6d67.jpg  photo sblog4_zps2922eadf.jpg  photo sblog2_zpsc81ae67b.jpg  photo sblog3_zps951d134d.jpg  photo sblog1_zps3676ccc6.jpg  photo sblog16_zps0d151111.jpg  photo sblog19_zpsda2c7d53.jpg  photo sblog18_zps5471d937.jpg  photo sblog17_zpsb2c73f2b.jpg