Chelsey and Karl: Maternity

This was such a fun photo shoot because this pretty lady is my sister (in-law). Chelsey and Karl were so laid back and such good sports with everything I suggested we do. And they brought their super cute dog, Charlie, along for some pictures as well. We had an insanely perfect night for July in St. Louis! It's crazy what a mild summer we've had here. I'm not complaining though, it has been lovely :) Karl and Chelsey, I can't wait to see you two as parents and meet my newest little nephew, Camden. Enjoy!  photo cblog13_zps10599313.jpg  photo cblog10_zpsfe602b5e.jpg  photo cblog17_zps5f4f3ac5.jpg  photo cblog8_zps2236b620.jpg  photo cblog9_zps8bafa327.jpg  photo cblog1_zpsc7058daf.jpg  photo cblog12_zps19d433ce.jpg  photo cblog7_zpsf38766ff.jpg  photo cblog6_zps5a7758e7.jpg  photo cblog5_zps84175128.jpg  photo cblog11_zps19394a68.jpg  photo cblog16_zpsdd6b5aae.jpg  photo cblog4_zpsa6b3a568.jpg  photo cblog3_zpsdde5b2ea.jpg


Estella and Jackson

This little session was just for fun but I loved the pictures so much, I thought I'd share :) If you've been following me for awhile, you probably recognize my nephew Jackson. The sweet little doll face is my friend's niece. We have been saying for a long time, if they are ever in the same city, we need to set up a play date. And in the magical way that children do, they became friends instantly. Evidence: these pictures were taken literally minutes after they were introduced. Enjoy!  photo sjblog26_zpsd170496b.jpg  photo sjblog25_zps228d1833.jpg  photo stellacollage2_zps2b652516.jpg  photo sjblog16_zps6db6f283.jpg  photo sjblog24_zpsb576e32a.jpg  photo sjblog23_zpsbbce59a6.jpg  photo sjblog22_zps79e291c2.jpg  photo sjblog21_zpsb2707cb2.jpg  photo sjblog19_zps88e4cb3d.jpg  photo sjblog20_zps7af1feef.jpg  photo sjblog18_zps1735d7aa.jpg  photo sjblog17_zpscd12f3c4.jpg  photo sjblog14_zps44bb2021.jpg  photo sjblog31_zps046d145e.jpg  photo sjblog15_zps1a44728a.jpg  photo sjblog29_zps4fc91d75.jpg  photo sjblog33_zps58c1a783.jpg


Emily and Zach: Wedding

After our super fun engagement shoot in Soulard, I couldn't wait for Emily and Zach's wedding day! It sure didn't disappoint. It was a day filled with close friends and family and beautiful handmade details. There was no rowdy bridal party or party bus. It was just a sweet day truly about the two of them and the people that love and support them. For their first look, they actually had their families and a couple of close friends there to witness and boy were their expressions priceless! It really showed how happy their families are for them. And who wouldn't be, these two are amazing! Emily and Zach it was so great to be able to capture this day for you two. Cheers and years :) Enjoy!  photo ejwblog22_zps397afa02.jpg  photo ejwblog28_zpsa254231a.jpg  photo ejwblog20_zps926a78a0.jpg  photo ejwblog21_zps6a92b3c3.jpg  photo ejwblog19_zps9188607a.jpg  photo ejwblog25_zps3b8f3c48.jpg  photo ejwblog18_zpscc6897fb.jpg  photo ejwblog17_zpsce259388.jpg  photo ejwblog16_zps48d2e105.jpg  photo ejwblog15_zps5a7069c1.jpg  photo ejwblog14_zps5bd12785.jpg  photo ejwblog13_zpsd49d77e9.jpg  photo ejwblog24_zps4ee067b2.jpg  photo ejwblog12_zps9d8ac6c4.jpg  photo ejwblog23_zps60d3c58c.jpg  photo ejwblogcollage2_zpscafa0dfc.jpg  photo ejwblog11_zps9620186c.jpg  photo ejwblog9_zps323ea9c5.jpg  photo ejwblog41_zps4e934659.jpg  photo ejwblog40_zpsfb84aa7a.jpg  photo ejwblog8_zpsa26168d8.jpg  photo ejwblog39_zps3a882f42.jpg  photo ejwblog38_zps26b8dbfc.jpg  photo ejwblog7_zps9976d813.jpg  photo ejwblogcollage1_zps618180aa.jpg  photo ejwblog6_zps74a8d625.jpg  photo ejwblog5_zps9895f546.jpg  photo ejwblog37_zps206a4b9e.jpg  photo ejwblog4_zps5ae41dd2.jpg  photo ejwblog3_zps238a04e7.jpg  photo ejwblog2_zpsdc9f85f9.jpg  photo ejwblog1_zps97d0409a.jpg  photo ejwblog36_zpsb4e1bf1b.jpg  photo ejwblog32_zps6ea13440.jpg  photo ejwblog31_zps055e098c.jpg  photo ejwblog33_zps0c1a6624.jpg  photo ejwblog35_zps47371175.jpg