Joseph: 4 months

Ok seriously, this family is so stinkin' cute!! I've taken big brother Kosta's pictures a few times and it is really nice to come back and see how they've grown. Joseph has grown so much in the couple of months that I saw him last. He is a very easy-going little man and just adorable. This was his session, but we snuck mom and big brother in for a few as well :) Enjoy this oh so sweet little guy.  photo joeblog14_zpsc90a881d.jpg  photo joeblog12_zpsecd7d16d.jpg  photo joeblog11_zps9b00d460.jpg  photo joeblog10_zpsc6ee64e8.jpg  photo joeblog7_zpsf597f4be.jpg  photo joeblog8_zps4a3a237d.jpg  photo joeblog5_zpse400e3d5.jpg  photo joeblog9_zps4549a5fc.jpg  photo joeblog6_zps8ee8cc97.jpg  photo joeblog3_zps00b5ff06.jpg  photo joeblog2_zps63422721.jpg  photo joeblog1_zps5c8c4a26.jpg