Morgan: Newborn

I've been so excited to share these images I took last week! I left this family's house smiling and couldn't stop while I edited :) You might recognize this family. I've been photographing them for a couple of years now and they recently just added a new little one to the family, Miss Morgan. Thank you so much for inviting me into your beautiful home to capture such a loving, exciting, beautiful time in your life! Enjoy!  photo snyderblog15_zps98f6001b.jpg  photo snyderblog18_zps079fd817.jpg  photo snyderblog17_zpsfad451a9.jpg  photo snyderblog13_zpsc1c933d8.jpg  photo snyderblog11_zps130cc6e5.jpg  photo snyderblog1_zps5fff59eb.jpg  photo snyderblog8_zps7541d845.jpg  photo snyderblog7_zps6382d9ce.jpg  photo snyderblog6_zps89e27d1b.jpg  photo snyderblog10_zps1bd4403b.jpg  photo snyderblog4_zps4a775940.jpg  photo snyderblog29_zps312c7813.jpg  photo snyderblog30_zps42cb0e0a.jpg  photo snyderblog28_zpsabf57aac.jpg  photo snyderblog16_zps8b398e57.jpg  photo snyderblog2_zpsc16985e4.jpg  photo snyderblog24_zps9e440880.jpg  photo snyderblog23_zpsa87d41ab.jpg  photo snyderblog21_zps73c7326d.jpg  photo snyderblog22_zpse0078c5d.jpg  photo snyderblog20_zps31007b21.jpg  photo snyderblog25_zpsa3545ef3.jpg  photo snyderblog26_zpsd3e2d7cf.jpg  photo snyderblog27_zps0c21bffa.jpg  photo snyderblog19_zps91d321e8.jpg