Landon: 1 year

This little guy has the most beautiful big blue eyes!! He was such a pleasure to photograph and so were his family. Just watching this family interact with it's tiniest member and absolutely adore him was the sweetest thing. I even commented, man this kid is going to be spoiled! To which his dad replied, going to be? Landon is one lucky kid to have such great siblings and parents. Thank you Corley family! It was wonderful meeting you. Enjoy!  photo corleyblog18_zps9487263b.jpg  photo corleyblog19_zps1ab8b052.jpg  photo corleyblog17_zpsa6e0ec81.jpg  photo corleycollage1blog_zpsb2463d4c.jpg  photo corleyblog16_zpsf45a8ab2.jpg  photo corleyblog15_zps46a462fd.jpg  photo corleyblog22_zps23313f49.jpg  photo corleyblog7_zps74bf8926.jpg  photo corleyblog6_zpsf2cfe398.jpg  photo corleyblog5_zpse5cf845f.jpg  photo corleyblog4_zpsfd2b9347.jpg  photo corleyblog3_zps4a117bd3.jpg  photo corleyblog1_zpsc6883c87.jpg  photo corleyblog10_zps31d8e300.jpg  photo corleyblog9_zps8c9d7477.jpg  photo corleyblog14_zps0a5eac0d.jpg  photo corleyblog2_zpsd79c0888.jpg  photo corleyblog13_zps6eaea75c.jpg  photo corleyblog8_zps146e9b6c.jpg  photo corleyblog11_zpsaf65df0b.jpg  photo corleyblog12_zps34083c2a.jpg


Kelly and Ryan: Wedding

If you're from St. Louis, then you probably know that Parkway Central and Parkway West have always had a huge rivalry. So, who would've thought a boy from Central and a girl from West would get married?! Either way, this couple is adorable! I've known Kelly and her family since high school and was so honored when she asked me to be a part of their day. It was nonstop fun from the girls getting ready in a hotel room to the packed dance floor at the reception. And this bridal party? They were awesome! Thank you for bearing the cold and extra thank you to the ladies for walking on those cobblestone streets in heels! Congratulations you two and thanks for letting me be a part of this amazing day. (Oh and special shout out to my awesome second shooter for the day Virginia Harold!! Go check her out, she rocks).  photo mulhollandblog9_zps90a1ca2a.jpg  photo mulhollandblog7_zps659a6698.jpg  photo mulhollandblog8_zpse6d5056f.jpg  photo mulhollandblog6_zps026d5790.jpg  photo mulhollandblog25_zps71924044.jpg  photo mulhollandblog24_zpsa8e03c2d.jpg  photo mulhollandblog5_zpsb2d706e2.jpg  photo mulhollandblog4_zpsb8f1cfda.jpg  photo mulhollandblog3_zpsd1b4720b.jpg  photo mulhollandblog2_zps86349054.jpg  photo mulhollandblog1_zpsbc510d7d.jpg  photo mulhollandblog20_zps5c101147.jpg  photo mulhollandblog19_zps15725d8d.jpg  photo mulhollandblog18_zps10daa966.jpg  photo mulhollandblog16_zps606c21ef.jpg  photo mulhollandblog14_zps0288a200.jpg  photo mulhollandblog17_zpsa87c9660.jpg  photo mulhollandblog15_zps8a078618.jpg  photo mulhollandblog13_zps2c2d96a1.jpg  photo mulhollandblog12_zps54cee0b2.jpg  photo mulhollandblog11_zps67fa9aa9.jpg  photo mulhollandblog10_zps00b94366.jpg  photo mulhollandblog22_zps07a913c9.jpg  photo mulhollandblog21_zpsb76fa862.jpg  photo mulhollandblog37_zpsb4bcfb67.jpg  photo mulhollandblog36_zpsdd4be789.jpg  photo mulhollandblog34_zps5897b869.jpg  photo mulhollandblog33_zpsa6ecf2a9.jpg  photo mulhollandblog32_zps0d624642.jpg  photo mulhollandblog31_zps8ae290dd.jpg  photo mulhollandblog28_zpsa9605d08.jpg  photo mulhollandblog29_zps60e1e97e.jpg  photo mulhollandblog30_zps434d756b.jpg  photo mulhollandblog35_zps559f4382.jpg