Halli and Andy: Engagement

I recently traveled to Cincinnati to photograph my dear friend Halli and her fiance Andy. We spent the weekend together and explored their favorite areas of the city. Spending this extra time with these two only confirmed for me what I already knew, that they are perfect for each other. They balance each other out in just the right ways yet are still so similar. It is really something special to see a friend so happy and in love. And, let me say that Andy was one of the best guys that I have ever photographed! He was so excited about getting these pictures done I could've just squeezed him! I mean, a guy that likes to get his picture taken is a pretty rare thing, at least in my experience! Enjoy this adorable, fun couple.  photo ahblog15_zps8f8c85c0.jpg  photo ahcollage1blog_zpsa6a3be27.jpg  photo ahblog4_zps6b46d0a6.jpg  photo ahblog14_zpsa3db3b71.jpg  photo ahblog3_zps5972a34d.jpg  photo ahblog12_zpsfcaa35b9.jpg  photo ahblog11_zpsa046d0c0.jpg  photo ahblog1_zpsb43f2927.jpg  photo ahblog13_zps5eb3a200.jpg  photo ahblog9_zps15228c8a.jpg  photo ahblog8_zps4b4a4544.jpg  photo ahblog6_zpsb41f626c.jpg

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  1. You're the bestest!!! Thank you so much for capturing "us!"