Vivian: Newborn

I loved photographing this gorgeous little lady and her family in their home. The look of complete adoration her parents gave her every time they looked her way was amazing. I could seriously feel the love they have for each other and for her. And that makes me happy. How many people can say they leave work full of love from someone else's joy? It's a pretty great feeling. Thank you Hayden family for inviting me into your home during this special time and being so sweet. Vivian is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy!  photo vhblog13_zpse42527f1.jpg  photo vhblog12_zps9f7f5aee.jpg  photo vhblog10_zps02c10428.jpg  photo vhblog7_zpseb7fbd55.jpg  photo vhblog5_zps3b9e2228.jpg  photo vhblog4_zps9e23dd2c.jpg  photo vhblog2_zps4b0b7bdf.jpg  photo vhblog1_zpsa813cde1.jpg  photo vhblog21_zpsf1a414ff.jpg  photo vhblog20_zps1cd3d0a2.jpg  photo vhblog19_zpse0bd6a7e.jpg  photo vhblog18_zps10da57a5.jpg  photo vhblog25_zpse4fa5394.jpg  photo vhblog15_zps605f5f01.jpg

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